Ann Morash:
Artist, Designer, Photographer

Ann Morash, age 3 The art styles of Ann Morash are a reflection of the cultural mosaic of her home. The people and land of scenic Nova Scotia are a study in contrast. Here, land and sea meet on tide-swept cliffs. By sail and history, culture, arts and music from all ports of the world found her shores. Maintained by geographic isolation on the narrow peninsula of Nova Scotia, they thrive in a timelessly pristine form--some now long lost to the homes that created them.

Born and raised in Halifax, Ann embraced her Ukrainian heritage in art, dance and music, especially finding a love of 'Pysanky' or traditional egg decoration. This love of her own unique culture evolved to a respect for the diverse beauty of all the cultures she saw around her. After receiving formal education in the Anthropological study of culture, she supplemented this degree with training in computer technology. It was in this unlikely combination that her love of the past found a technological avenue to modern expression. In creating and maintaining a non-profit website,, since 1996 countless thousands have been given access to detailed instructions in this beautiful art form; and for some, a reconnection to their Ukrainian roots.

Never satisfied with simple emulation, Ann is a tireless student of original design. While honouring the defining elements and techniques of traditional styles, her creative passion injects a new vitality to timeless forms. Here, such diverse cultures as Byzantine and Celtic are given a special place, yet are unified in a single unique vision. In this way Ann's art, like her home, act as a bridge.

From culture to culture. From the past to the present. From our ancestors to Ann to you.

Ann currently lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, with her partner David, and furry family.

Ann C. Morash
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